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How to optimize Google My Business listing

GMB Optimization   Google My Business, otherwise known as GMB, is a free tool that assists businesses in managing online presence in Google search and Google maps. If you searched a business, you would likely see their GMB knowledge panel which contains...

Part 2 – How to make your website load faster

Part 1 - Website Speed Optimization Google wants your website to be faster Google is such a prominent and dominant force on the web that it’s become a dictionary entry, a verb. When we are asked a question and we have no idea of what the answer is, we say ‘just Google...

Part 1 – Website Speed Optimization

Have you ever had to wait for forever for a web page to load? And by forever, I’m implying 5 seconds or more. (In the real-world, however, 5 seconds isn’t so bad. In fact, 5 seconds is considered fast). How much time does it take you to get from your house to your...

How to create Facebook ads for a local business

Facebook is indeed a massive platform with over 1.45 billion daily active users, which is even more than the population of world’s largest country, China. No matter what business you run, chances are that most of your target customers use Facebook. No wonder then that...

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